timothy monstrosity (theusmonstre) wrote,
timothy monstrosity

auto reaction log217 inspection 5

i saw the silhouette of the man that would take my life. Night, shaded form gainst the blaze of autos, and the sum of city incandescence. He walked with a pack, a slight limp, no more could i glare , caught was i . Head turning down orchard ST struck by the gay, long limbed, thin, supple, no pants save underoos, no shoes save heels, . I followed, my domicile emerging, he an inhabatant of the next, a tenement. do I want to party baby asks he. Did I?

finger burnt now, candels and wax, subttle pain in the end, the start filled wuth agony. Bless you. I drift. The sillouhette, faceless, as death himself. goodnight, I sleep. walks he does, still, ever in my mind, my memory, drifting into chaos of luminances and blur. Good night. I sleep. ever he walks , tilted, bag upon bag of souls, starched, pressed, and folded, amid the darkness of earthwoven compartments, the world he clings to, teetering under its weight. good night i sleep.
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