timothy monstrosity (theusmonstre) wrote,
timothy monstrosity

the Aesthetic dialogues Revisited, section1.3945.

Dearest Colleagues I humbly apologize for my near month long absence, I ve come to realize how much i am needed here and how pressing matters have become. Do not worry dear sirs, the Great Aesthetic Stasis will soon flex again, as always.
i have witnessed the aesthetic fluctuation of figure ground synergy. more exacting, the aesthetic worth of a particular figure is intimately pinioned upon its ever shifting analogous ground, thus the figures aesthetic relegation resides in constant flux for some time, ebbing and flowing, tethered to its transient embedding. i.e. the ugly rise to perfection in the swells of success, yet flounder tragically atop the aesthetic zenith only to sink once more into socially apathetic homeliness.

Good Day, for now.
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