timothy monstrosity (theusmonstre) wrote,
timothy monstrosity

the spectrum of (anthropomorphous) aesthetic.

For the Superficial(n).

aesthetic arena I
the aesthetic zenith
i. the perfections [of unalterable enhancement]
ii.the near perfections [of alterable enhancement]

aesthetic arena II
i. the desirables
ii. the tragic desirable of aesthetic pitfall*

aesthetic arena III
i. the presentables
ii. those of socially adequate ugliness

aesthetic arena IV
i. those invoking revulsion + sympathy
ii. those invoking revulsion + antipathy

* (of those with wondering eye, scars, limps, moles, amputations and any other aesthetically altering malady or singular structural afflictions/flaws)

if you adhere to the precedence of historical anthropomorphous aesthetics, non personal/objective/universal aesthetics, i.e. of eurocentric design, i place myself humbly amid the “presentables”. Those who may travel unhindered throughout all social realm, neither praised nor scorned but apathetically encountered by the aesthetically elite. The presentables ever remain, save aesthetic pitfall, markless, an embodied ether traversing silently the sensual perceptions and mental processes of the desirables/perfections.

of which arena do you dwell?
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