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20th September 2002

5:31am: the Aesthetic dialogues Revisited, section1.3945.
Dearest Colleagues I humbly apologize for my near month long absence, I ve come to realize how much i am needed here and how pressing matters have become. Do not worry dear sirs, the Great Aesthetic Stasis will soon flex again, as always.
i have witnessed the aesthetic fluctuation of figure ground synergy. more exacting, the aesthetic worth of a particular figure is intimately pinioned upon its ever shifting analogous ground, thus the figures aesthetic relegation resides in constant flux for some time, ebbing and flowing, tethered to its transient embedding. i.e. the ugly rise to perfection in the swells of success, yet flounder tragically atop the aesthetic zenith only to sink once more into socially apathetic homeliness.

Good Day, for now.

31st August 2002

3:36am: unlust fragment, the opposable rape
i will find a man, on darkened street, beneath clouded moon and passing train. I will find a man, ether in my pocket, neckerchief in my hand. I will find a man, douse fabric in liquid, bring soiled cotton to unseeing nostrils. i will find a man, struggling with consciousness, his body limp and cold. i will find this man, and in her absence she wills blade to bone. And i , as silent as the rusted posts surrounding us, will walk away, alone, a pair of thumbs in tow. A pair of thumbs for her.

29th August 2002

1:54am: the spectrum of (anthropomorphous) aesthetic.
For the Superficial(n).

aesthetic arena I
the aesthetic zenith
i. the perfections [of unalterable enhancement]
ii.the near perfections [of alterable enhancement]

aesthetic arena II
i. the desirables
ii. the tragic desirable of aesthetic pitfall*

aesthetic arena III
i. the presentables
ii. those of socially adequate ugliness

aesthetic arena IV
i. those invoking revulsion + sympathy
ii. those invoking revulsion + antipathy

* (of those with wondering eye, scars, limps, moles, amputations and any other aesthetically altering malady or singular structural afflictions/flaws)

if you adhere to the precedence of historical anthropomorphous aesthetics, non personal/objective/universal aesthetics, i.e. of eurocentric design, i place myself humbly amid the “presentables”. Those who may travel unhindered throughout all social realm, neither praised nor scorned but apathetically encountered by the aesthetically elite. The presentables ever remain, save aesthetic pitfall, markless, an embodied ether traversing silently the sensual perceptions and mental processes of the desirables/perfections.

of which arena do you dwell?

28th August 2002

2:28am: Unlust Fragment 4. the killing of varg.
in Sleep he is constantly accosted. Between nondescript store front and indiscernible alley way, beneath nameless cities and broken constellations, a seething of diffused aggression finds form in slumber. And in that ungodly realm he slaughters. The sublimated rage of waking ticks,of sentient steps, cannibalizes the unguarded sub conscience of sleep. He has sent head through glass, teeth through asphalt, bone through skin. He has slit throats and taken thumbs, made widow of woman and orphan of child. Yet fleeting, the violence dissolved upon arising lids, forgotten, left beyond, always, in that deadly nocturne.

and all this for her.

27th August 2002

3:32am: beached bones bleached beneath
beached bones bleached beneath massive marine mammals melting
beached bones bleached beneath massive marine mammals melting
beached bones bleached beneath massive marine mammals melting
beached bones bleached beneath massive marine mammals melting
beached bones bleached beneath massive marine mammals melting
beached bones bleached beneath massive marine mammals melting
beached bones bleached beneath massive marine mammals melting
beached bones bleached beneath massive marine mammals melting
beached bones bleached beneath massive marine mammals melting
beached bones bleached beneath massive marine mammals melted

26th August 2002

8:06pm: {the}{natural}{extension} of {obsession}{theory}
eyes hued red beneath the black of lash. Jaw masculine, aligned elegantly with the delicacy of a neck to thin. The immense elements of beauty balanced precariously above, bones of porcelain, emotions of glass, soon to break. Nerves now stretched to critical limits,minuscule elasticity just enough to keep her sane. Beyond her stare teeth wear down, the constant grinding, perhaps caffeine should be left alone. Perhaps her gestures should not be so fatalistic. Her stroked hair, her moistened lips, her upward glance, all destinies.
4:05pm: m955427684.non.extrapolative.4587934563
the scroll of the mind, the flecked ink of thought, the transient etchings upon the inexorable tomes of sentience

25th August 2002

2:11am: the great affliction travels westward. Dialouge 14777376.0958
unlust fragment.
ive nothing to fear,, it only effects the weak, the old ,and the young. Ive nothing to fear, it only effects the hopeless and desperate, i am neither, i am strong willed and forward thinking, i do not dwell on past failures nor personal inadequacy. I will be fine, right.
The door of mortality wiill not slam shut, loping off the fleshy parts. will i drown in my own sins? Will she ever know what i have done for her? Is she crying while they dredge the seas for my skin, turn the flames for my bones? No, she thinks my name is max.

24th August 2002

7:42pm: DISSOLVE:


Within a small room a YOUNG MAN unpacked his few belongings, a microscope he set upon a worn wooden desk, a small telescope, by the window. The remaining items he let lie within a crate, for they mostly consisted of papers, ink, scientific volumes, and medication, for the YOUNG MAN, blessed with infinite cerebral endurance, grew ill even with a passing chill wind. His liver ever ached , his throat ever parched, yet he had escaped childhood and felt he grew stronger with the passing years. Glancing in a mirror he surveyed his countenance, for aesthetics was a matter of degrees, and had he measured a little more in some places, a little less in others he might consider himself a noble man. He soon grew tired, and laid down.

The setting sun reflected upon the westward windows of the town laid beneath him, and he watched the celestial passage of glare disperse as dusk conquered day, and twilight dusk. And soon the many widows were aglow with candle light, satellites of the hearth, and he fancied to peer inside these windows, these isolated worlds, beyond the scope of society.
9:15am: United Kingdom/British Military Translation 19/122
Government Exhibit 1667/T

It is forbidden to remove said document from said house.

The confrontation that we are calling for with the apostate regimes does not know Socratic debates..., Platonic ideals..., nor Aristotelian diplomacy. But it knows the dialouge of bullets, the ideals of assassination, bombing, and destruction, and the diplomacy of the cannon and machine-gun.
3:53am: auto reaction log217 inspection 5
i saw the silhouette of the man that would take my life. Night, shaded form gainst the blaze of autos, and the sum of city incandescence. He walked with a pack, a slight limp, no more could i glare , caught was i . Head turning down orchard ST struck by the gay, long limbed, thin, supple, no pants save underoos, no shoes save heels, . I followed, my domicile emerging, he an inhabatant of the next, a tenement. do I want to party baby asks he. Did I?

finger burnt now, candels and wax, subttle pain in the end, the start filled wuth agony. Bless you. I drift. The sillouhette, faceless, as death himself. goodnight, I sleep. walks he does, still, ever in my mind, my memory, drifting into chaos of luminances and blur. Good night. I sleep. ever he walks , tilted, bag upon bag of souls, starched, pressed, and folded, amid the darkness of earthwoven compartments, the world he clings to, teetering under its weight. good night i sleep.

22nd August 2002

10:22pm: emission.4932750234.35974
i packed the bodies away in clear plastic wrapp. duct tape, shaved ice. frozen stiff. the swarms of screaming children outside muffled their cries. No discernable struggle visable outside. the facade, calm, well kept. insnt that how it always is. this is getting quite disruptive. quite disruptive. the endless sessions of thought with no vantage gained. Drifts of snow, like, like the shaved ice, packed away, immovable, frozen midst the villlians, the back of my head chewed on. chewed out. revealing exposed stems, and lobes, synapses and vital chemistry. Can i think with out her. The bodies are real? the bodies are, Are real?!! Oh my god what have i done?

3, 3, . she tall. Me low.
5:53pm: .110938477104974948
log capture.///sweat.not bad.bit moist.earlier remnant.new shows needed.heels callused. exit imminent. no furtherther descriptive details. She needs thumbs though. And Ill get them for her. I will.
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